Paula Batali Textiles is the creative result of Brazilian designer Paula Batali life's journey and diverse experiences.

Paula Batali had an early successful career in the film and IT business. Based in Los Angeles, she held positions as a Production Manager and Marketing Director working for companies like Microsoft, Avid Technology and Digital Domain.

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After many years in the film and IT industry, Paula decided it was time for a completely different life and work experience. She opened a restaurant with her business partner in the idyllic island of Florianópolis, in the south of Brazil. There, the duo opened the first organic restaurant in the region, and one of the first in Brazil.

Prior to founding Paula Batali Textiles, Paula spearheaded two other creative endeavors.

Paula was the Creative Director of her own event planning company in Los Angeles, where she conceptualized, designed and managed a multitude of events for the entertainment industry, and for residential and corporate clients.

Shortly after, Paula returned to school and she now holds a Master degree from the prestigious Interior Architecture Program at UCLA. She also holds a B.S. in Psychology from USU University, Rio de Janeiro.

Paula worked for celebrated Interior Designers Timothy Corrigan and Kerry Joyce, before venturing out to start her own practice.

Paula Batali Textiles was born in the process of Paula's interior design career—to fill the void in the textile industry, particularly in the wallpaper sector. Paula had the desire to create patterns and color schemes that were rooted in history but with a modern twist. A design that is timeless, elegant, truly beautiful, and yet livable, whether in a residential or commercial setting.

Paula Batali Textiles was founded in 2014 introducing a wallpaper collection informed by the traditional textile printing techniques. Her pattern designs are hand-drawn and hand printed, and the pigments are hand mixed adding a subtle richness, texture, and uniqueness to the final product. Paula is proud of the excellence in craftsmanship that is put into every step of the creation of her wallpaper collection. Paula Batali Textiles is hand made in Los Angeles, California.

When asked how she was able to live so may different lives with such grace, and still going full-force, Paula replied: “It's quite simple—I'm a gemini (lots of laughs!). My life is a reflection of my personality, and how I see life. And I really, really, love life! Every single second of it. To me, life is an ongoing set of experiences, not just a set of goals, and I believe that those experiences do shape us, and that is the only thing that really stays.”

Paula resides in Los Angeles with her husband and their biodiverse garden. 

Paula Batali Textiles has been feature in Elle Decor Magazine, and in Ellen DeGeneres's Book: Home.

Welcome to the world of Paula Batali Textiles. This is only the beginning, we grow everyday.
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