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Paula Batali Textiles was founded in 2014 for the love of art, color, life, and fantasy. 

The moving energy behind this project was, and always will be, the dream world within. I dreamed of revisiting the arts of the old world, and bringing it back through my textile collection. I wanted to create designs and color schemes that were rooted in history, and yet adaptable in the modern world. Timeless, elegant, and livable designs.

The design development was also informed by the traditional textile printing techniques. My textile collection is hand-printed, using non-toxic water-based pigments, resulting in a collection of wallpaper and fabrics that are rich in texture and color. The wallpaper is printed on ecological clay-coated paper, and the fabrics are printed on luxurious Belgian linen. Paula Batali Textiles is hand-printed in the USA.

I’m proud of the excellence in craftsmanship that is put into every step of the creation of my textile collection.


Paula Batali Textiles has been feature in Elle Decor Magazine, and in Ellen DeGeneres's Book: Home

Paula is a graduate from the UCLA Interior and Architecture Program.

Paula resides in Los Angeles with her husband and their biodiverse garden.

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